Teaching Empathy – Building Resilience


Do you ever worry that your child will not cope well with life’s obstacles?

Does your child worry excessively?

Is your child often aggressive and selfish in relation to others?

Having a child who does not cope well, worries, is aggressive, and selfish is common in today’s times, and poses a parenting challenge for caring parents.

These parenting challenges fall into the domain of positive psychology which teaches how to live a happy and positive life. As a clinical psychologist who has worked with families since 1982, I am passionate about helping parents with positive parenting skills to prepare their children adequately for a “good life”.

This audio comprises two 60 minute presentations I gave to live audiences about these issues. One presentation was on how to teach empathy to your child. Empathy is the antidote for aggression and selfishness. The other presentation was about building resilience in your child. This involves giving your child the capacity to bounce back from adversity.

After listening to these 2 audios, you will prevent common parenting mistakes because you will:

  • Know how to help your child worry less.
  • Be alert to ways to increase your child’s ability to bounce back after a setback.
  • Have methods to teach your child how to be empathic which will lower his aggression and increase his compassion.



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