Punishing Your Child Effectively


Do you punish your child but he does not listen to you?

Are you caught in a trap of punishing over and over but behaviours do not improve?

Have you run out of ideas of how to punish your child effectively?

One of the biggest parenting challenges of modern parents is that punishment no longer seems to work.

I have counselled literally thousands of parents and  learned what mistakes parents make and also the key to successful parenting. I have kept up with the latest research and base my information on solid data. However, being a mother and step mother has given me the real life experience to know what it feels like to struggle with  kids.

The good news is that I have discovered the do’s and dont’s of punishment and how to get the desired results with your children.

After watching this 60 minute video, you will

  • Feel empowered because you will have many parenting solutions at your finger tips.
  • You will notice that your child will  take you seriously, right away.
  • Your child will be happier, less cheeky and more helpful.


If you are ready to learn new and better ways of parenting your children, all you need to do is order this video. It is a live recording of a presentation I made to parents who had the same issues that you do.

You may be  concerned that I may be too harsh, and you want a softer approach. On the other hand, your concern may be that I am one of those psychologists who live in la la land and do not know about the trials of having kids. Do not worry either way. My approach is all about positive parenting that leads to parenting success.

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