NO SWEAT PARENTING – Six Parenting Myths Debunked


As a parent, do you feel tired? Stressed? Helpless? Unhappy a lot of the time?

This is not uncommon today.  I have been working with families since 1974 and I have observed how parenting does not always come easy.  As a clinician, parents have come to me wanting to be better parents, happier and more energetic on a daily basis.

The core reason parents feel so stressed and tired is because of the way they think, the myths they have taken on as truths and tried to live up to. Simply put, the biggest parenting mistake parents are making is thinking wrong. And the biggest parenting challenge is to change this thinking in a society that perpetuates it.

This book is full of parenting advice that will lead to success in parenting, plus more energy and satisfaction. It does so by showing you what myths are leading to your unhappiness and replacing them with solid, tried and tested positive parenting solutions.

After you read this book, you will:

  1. Understand your thinking patterns that are leading to your fatigue and stress.
  2. Have helpful beliefs and behaviours that will transform your parenting immediately.
  3. Watch your children thrive with your new effective parenting style.
  4. Observe the whole family blossom as you are empowered with useful, tried and tested strategies.

This book is not a text book. It is written in a conversational style, with illustrations and true examples which you will find easy and enjoyable to digest.

Read it at your leisure and embrace the concepts that will improve your family dynamics enormously.

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