NO SWEAT PARENT POWER – You Can’t Push My Buttons


Do you yell at your kids a lot?

Do you feel annoyed and irritated with your children every day?

Are you impatient and frustrated trying to get your kids moving through daily chores?

Many parents today are angry a lot of the time and find it a parenting challenge to stay calm. Even if  you are not explosive, you are probably often irritated, aggravated, annoyed, resentful or impatient. These are all forms of anger that can damage you, your child and your relationship if they become chronic.

Do not despair. You are not alone or different. I know because in my work as a clinical psychologist over the past thirty plus years, I have observed this anger. I have also observed that for parenting success one needs to parent with love and logic.

That is why I wrote my second book: “No Sweat Parent Power – You Can’t Push My Buttons”.

This book contains advice on positive parenting so that you can be the best parent you can be.

After reading it, you will:

  1. Have strategies that you can use immediately to stay calm and parent effectively.
  2. Watch your child flourish under your new loving, rational approach.
  3. Have more self respect because you will behave with self control and dignity.

This book is written for the average parent in a conversational style so that you do not need to wade through facts and research (even though it is based on solid psychological research from positive psychology). It also has countless practical examples from real patients of mine which make it easy for you to identify with and utilise the material.

I know that this book can change your life and improve the happiness of your family.

To purchase the kindle e-book, click here.

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