How to Maximise Quality Time With Your Children


Do you want to be the best parent ever?

Do you believe that giving quality time to your children is a parenting essential?

Quality time is a term many parents use. They are aware that it is an essential part of positive parenting.

However, in my extensive experience as a clinical psychologist, I have found that  most parents do not know what the term really means. In fact, not only do parents not understand the term “quality time”, but it causes them stress.

Let me explain. Most parents make the mistake of believing that quality time is a portion of time they need to find every day, or week. This poses a major parenting challenge for modern parents who are busy.

Order this e-book to learn about quality time, and you will find that:

  1. You are less stressed.
  2. You have more time to do things.
  3. Your children will thrive from receiving true quality time from you.


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