Building Self-Esteem in Children


Does your child not like himself?

Do you want your child to be confident and to do well at school?

Are you looking for parenting solutions on how to build self esteem?

Many parents want to build the self esteem of their children but do not know how. For years, parents have been taught to praise their children for every little thing but it has not helped.

When you watch this 60 minute video, you will learn what self esteem is and how to build it effectively in your child. The positive  parenting skills that you will learn will ensure that what you teach today will have lasting effects for the future.

My strategies are based on research in positive psychology plus over thirty years of clinical experience as a psychologist. I know what works because I have taught it to hundreds of parents successfully.

Once you watch this DVD, you will:

  1. Observe how your child starts to like himself and becomes more self confident.
  2. Notice how much happier and co-operative your child will be.
  3. Feel  empowered to help your child.


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