Anger In Parenting – Anger Management


Do you hate yourself after you express rage to your kids?

Are you aware that your anger is causing damage yet you feel powerless to stop?

Do you wish you could transform your home into a calm, relaxed atmosphere?

Many parents feel this way. As a clinical psychologist I have taught anger management to parents for the past 25 years, utilising cognitive behavioural psychology.
When I worked as an occupational therapist in 1975, we encouraged patients to express their anger and “let rip”. Today, we know from extensive research that managing anger is healthier for everybody

Do not despair.  Anger management is a skill that can be learned.

By listening to 120 minutes of this audio:

  • You will learn anger management techniques that work.
  • You will be calmer and your children will immediately become calmer and happier too.
  • You will discover that asking in a less hostile way will get the results you wanted from your children to start with.


This audio is made up of two presentations I gave at different times to two different audiences. The attendees loved it because they felt understood as parents and felt empowered to do things differently. You too can have that experience if you buy this audio, listen to it and implement the simple tools.

Many parents believe that we are hard wired to be angry. Not true. Anger is a bad habit that can be unlearned. Other parents are convinced that anger is the best way to achieve results.  Again, not true. You will achieve much more if you attract with honey and not vinegar. Everyone benefits when you reduce your rage.

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