9 Key Principles of PARENTING


Are you looking for parenting advice?

Do you wish there were clear guidelines that would help you face your parenting challenges?

Many parents have children but have no clue how to proceed after birth. Some parents believe that parenting is a random behaviour and being successful is a result of luck.

This is a huge parenting mistake. There are key principles to parenting that are universal and proven and lead to parenting success.

As a clinical psychologist with over thirty years of experience working with parents, I have distilled these parenting essentials. These positive parenting skills are now available in this e-book.

When you read this e-book on the 9 key principles for successful parenting, you will learn:

  1. What the nine key principles of positive parenting are and how to apply them in your everyday life.
  2. How to be a focused and successful parent.
  3. The best way to interact with your child for their benefit.


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