6 Strategies for Parents on Anger Management


Do you yell at your kids a lot?
Are you chronically irritated with your children?
Do you wish you could be calmer, nicer parent?

If you answered yes, do not feel alone. Countless parents today are frequently angry, aggravated, hostile and punitive and feel bad about it. You probably want to be a kind, calm parent but you  just keep losing it, often over little things.

Learning to manage your anger is a skill that I have taught for over thirty years. I know what works. I also know that busy parents want positive parenting solutions that are easy to implement.

In this e-book are solutions to the parenting challenge of getting angry. Once you read it, you will:

  1. Instantly be able to make simple changes that will reduce your anger.
  2. Like yourself more because you will be behaving constructively.
  3. Notice how your relationship with your child will improve plus you will get the cooperation you wanted all along.


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