Lean babies and finger foods

If you want your children to grow up lean, you might want to encourage them to eat with their fingers. Infants given finger foods during weaning gain less weight than those who are spoon-fed purées by parents, a study shows. Psychologist Dr Ellen Townsend, who led the study, said babies who take control at mealtimes have the best chance of avoiding obesity. Letting them choose what they want to eat from a selection of foods also leads to them preferring a healthier diet. "Control is the key thing, Read more [...]

Anxiety and depression often co-exist

Anxiety and depression often co-exist Many individuals suffer from anxiety and depression at the same time. Sometimes, one of these conditions goes untreated. The result is that the individual receives treatment but because it is not “complete”, the person remains feeling unwell. For example, it is not uncommon for people with social anxiety to also suffer from depression. According to the World Psychiatric Association (1995), 17% of social anxiety sufferers also have major depression If you Read more [...]
Anger during pregnancy

Anger during pregnancy

Failure to recognize and understand anger can lead to a variety of problems for pregnant women and their unborn babies. According to APA (American Psychologists Association) documentation, anger is accompanied by physiological and biological changes: when we get angry, our heart rates and blood pressure go up, as do the levels of our energy hormones as adrenaline and epinephrine are released, contributing to growing tension and causing blood vessels to constrict. This reduces oxygen to the uterus, Read more [...]

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