Six month mark for men in relationships

At six months, you have reached a symbolic landmark in your relationship. It could be said to be the first major milestone you have encountered as a couple.

While it may not be your comfort zone, the six month mark is an appropriate time to reflect on how to proceed. Positive or negative, the fundamental nature of the relationship will transform once you enter the second half of your first year together.
Fork in the road
At this point, it will serve you well to make a conscious choice about how you want to proceed in this relationship. One path will lead to deeper commitment. The other will look the same as before — an extended sentence of casual dating or a ticket back to the single life.

Even if everything seems perfect, the decisions you make now could make or break the relationship. If you want the relationship to move up a level, you need to be explicit about your intentions and come across strongly in your convictions.

Stop, think, and decide

Are you happy with your girlfriend?  You may have had your fun for six months, but do you want to share your future with her?

If there is a doubt in your mind about the relationship, address it now while you are still capable of remembering life without her. As you fall deeper into the relationship routine, the task will become more difficult with each passing day.

Habit is a crippling behaviour and over time you will become more and more trapped and immobilised if you stay in the relationship for convenience. On the flip side, moving up to the next level could bring happiness and fulfilment.

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