Modern couples spend less time together

A survey of 2,000 adults in steady relationships suggests that couples are spending less and less time together.
The average couple spends just 13.9 hours a week in each other’s company.
It appears that romance begins to lose its sparkle around the three-year mark at which time couples are apart for even longer. Couples increasingly resort to solo holidays and ‘free passes’ – leisure time away from their partner.
Three quarters of the couples that were surveyed- 76 per cent – say that ‘individual space’ is important within a relationship. Nearly half – 45 per cent – said they would jump at the chance of a week away from their other half provided their partner would not find out what they got up to.
What is this?  Do couples believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Are they spending time apart in the hope of keeping their relationships alive? Or are couples simply drifting apart?
There are a number of reasons couples drift apart but staying away from each other for prolonged sessions will not heal the relationship. It may ignite a sexual spark when you re-unite but will not restore the relationship to its former glory.
A major factor couples grow apart is the chemistry diminishes. This is a physiological fact. The heightened attraction lasts maximally for 36 months and after that couples need to work on being passionate and communicative.
In other words, give up the notion that spending time apart will restore the relationship.  Instead:

  • Focus on working together to find ways of being romantic, loving and close.
  • Go away together and have a dream week end.
  • Talk about your sexual needs instead of letting chemistry do the trick.
  • Communicate about your feelings.

This way, your relationship will be given the best chance to survive and thrive.

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