80 20 rule in relationships

Did you know that the 80 20 rule can be applied to issues in a relationship?
The easiest way to interpret it with respect to relationships is this:
80% of all frustrations in a relationship are caused by just 20% of the problems.
Irritations like clothes lying around the room, taking ages to get dressed, spending too much time with friends or over the phone, can feel like a multitude of issues. However, if you classify them you will find that they fit into only a few categories like tidiness, hygiene, punctuality and so on.
Also, frequently little annoyances get magnified because you’re already upset with your partner for some other bigger reason.  Therefore, focus on the few, deeper rooted issues, sort them out and your relationship will improve.
To use the 80 20 rule in relationships in your own life, the first thing you need to do is to stop worrying about the 80% of things that cause minimal frustration. Address only the 20% of the issues that cause the majority (80%) of the frustrations in the relationship.
For example, if you believe that hygiene is paramount and, if that improves you will have most of what you want (80%), then communicate about hygiene and ignore the rest. Also communicate about it as a category rather than pointing out every breach.
The 80 20 rule in relationships is fascinating and can help you understand what matters in a relationship. But it’s up to your judgment to find and focus on the appropriate details. For the rest, take a passing glance, and move on.

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