Parenting eye contact

Parenting eye contact

Eye contact in parenting is very important. Language can be verbal or non-verbal. This means that when we speak, we speak with words and our bodies. When you speak to your child, what was does your body language convey?


All these feelings can be revealed in your eyes. In fact, eyes give everything away. No matter what your words say, your true feelings will come through in your eyes. That is why in parenting eye contact is vital.

Arms and hands are very revealing too. Anger or intimidation are clearly conveyed in where you place your arms and what you are doing with your hands. Open arms with relaxed hands suggest calmness, openness and friendliness.

Legs and feet tell the other person where your stand, literally and figuratively. Which way are they pointing? Facing directly and not fidgeting means you are focused and present in the interaction.

Your answers should help you identify areas for improvement. If you want to get closer to your child, you may have to work on conveying love, interest and acceptance.

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